Thursday, 21 June 2012

Eggless Chocolate Chip Muffin

Love this recipe because no Egg involve and it easy to prepare. Adding a teaspoon of Coffee emulco make this muffin so delicious. Got this recipe from my fb fren.. (meroyan sepeaking omputih lak ekk)


2 cups of flour
1 cup of Condense milk
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of warm water'
1 cup of vegetablel oil
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essen
1 teaspoon of Coffee Emulco (or instant coffee, should be ok too)
1/2 cup of cocoa powder
Chocolate chip to put on top of the muffin


Put all the ingredient together and stir until incorporate. Put 3/4 batter into the paper cup and bake for 20 minutes with 150"c (oven temperature).

I tell you, its so easy to prepare...... hahahah